Solar Trackers

Searching for innovative solutions in the field of solar trackers and their subsequent technological development, have brought about our solar tracker models. Our R & D+i engineering has contributed to the field of solar energy creating a new solution consisting of an extremely robust design, while simple in structure. This makes a single machine capable of hosting an extraordinary amount of power, while avoiding every kind of fatigue problems and breakdowns that are usual in solar trackers that use the pinion-crown system or any other mechanical device for their orientation.

The position is attained by way of the combined turning of two axes, which are activated by hydraulic cylinders, affording it more accurate positioning. The tracking system consists of a controller that, depending on the geographic location, provides the astronomical calculations of the exact sun position. Two dual axis capacitive inclinometers determine the position of the panel carrier with an accuracy of greater than 0.05.



  • Gusts of wind: 120 Km/h.
  • Maximum wind speed in working position: 100 Km/h.
  • Weight of structure: >14.000 Kg (SHS.345), >19.000 Kg (SHS.410)


  • Power: 0,37 KW.
  • Operating pressure: 130 bar.
  • Maximum press: 200 bar.
  • Control voltage: 24 VDC.


  • Programmed controller.
  • Frequency variator for controlling the hydraulic pump.
  • Overvoltage protection.
  • U.P.S. for emergency maneuvers.