SHS.410 Model

caracteristicas SHS 410SHS.410 is the solar tracker with the largest panel carrier surface for photovoltaic panels of the world.

300 photovoltaic panels can be installed in its surface of more than 410 m2 .

Two SHS.410 solar trackers have been built in Esgos (Ourense - Spain). The total installed power capacity is 108 kW.

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Disposition of panels

13 rows (from 16 to 21 meters long).

   Panel carrier surface

> 410 m2

Angles on the Z-axis

+52º to -52º

Mechanism of tracking on the Z-axis

Hydraulic cylinders

Angles on the X-axis

+52º to -13º

Mechanism of tracking on the X-axis

Hydraulic cylinders

Safety elements

Overcenter valves and sensors in cylinders for control of pressure.

Machine Weight

> 19.000 Kg.

Distance between trackers

Around 60 or 70 meters (according to inclination of the ground).

Solar tracking

By electronic controller.

Structure calculated to withstanding winds of 80 km/h in operational position and gusts of 120 km/h. For winds greater than 70 km/h the machine goes to safety position (programmable).